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Ship car from NY to Florida


                     Ship car from NY to Florida

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Everyday a family has to make the decision of moving, weather its the case of relocating, vacating or sometimes its a decision of purchasing a vehicle in NY and want car transport companies to shit it to FL .

During the winter season most of our  New York  customers travel to Florida to get away from the cold.

New York to Florida auto transport
Its much easier for customers to travel by air and have their vehicle/s auto transport this way they save energy, time and money .

Its now our job to make sure their vehicle/s are auto transport on time so they have access to them instead of rentals.

We have lots of repeat customers each year during the winter season moving from NY to FL  we refer to them has snowbirds.

We also have customers that are first time shippers and know very little about how  car transport companies works.

If its your first time transporting a vehicle its very important that you take the time to know how this industry works .

Customers can get confused or lost in the overflow of information found on the internet so in this article we well explain the process of auto transporting step by step to help first time shippers understand  how it works.

                           Step 1

The first step customers must take is filling out a quote form. A quote form includes specific information advising the carrier what type of service you are requesting according to your shipping details. To ensure your  quote is as accurate as possible its important that all vehicle/s info are enter , please make sure that the running condition and carrier type fields are correct, these can make a difference in the quote price . Filling out a quote form will give customers an idea of what the cost to shipped vehicle/s will be to ship car from NY to Florida . The cost is one of the first question customers want answered. below are the main fields that you will find on a quote form 

  • First and Last Names
  • Phone #
  • Email address
  • Pick up info (i) City (ii) State
  • Drop off info (ii) City (ii) State
  • Shipping info (ii) ship date (ii) vehicle/s ( operable / inoperable)
  • Carrier            (i) open (ii) enclose (iii) drive away
  • Vehicle info   (i) year (ii) make (iii) model (iv) vehicle type 

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                   Step 2

After filling  out and submit the quote form on our site a-z auto transport we will review your request and one of our professional car shippers will contact you immediately via email, text message or telephone call.

Customers will receive different quotes for the different service level we have, such as door to door or terminal to terminal, visit a-z auto transport  for the difference between  both services. Also 
Enclosed carrier is completely  different from open carrier compare the two in the pictures below.

Pic 1           



Pic 2


                     Step 3

Once you have selected the car transport service that fits your particular transporting needs, it is time to complete your order by letting the carrier know when you would like your vehicle/s to be picked up.

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                 Step 4

Once customers choose an auto transport company to ship their vehicle/s. The company will begin the work, there will be paper work to sign and most companies will also take your credit or debit card info over the phone for a portion of the overall cost, the remaining will be paid at drop off .

It is also important that customers work with only one auto transport company. There are times when customers give more than one auto transport company their shipping order, this can cause a  duplicate bidding war on the auto transporting load board, giving multiple transport companies your order can and will drive your shipping price up. So it is very important that customers understand that its best to work with only one company.

            Step 5

Once our company assign customer order to  a auto transport carrier, we will send customer an email, this is the ( Dispatch Notice Email) this email will let customers know the pickup date to ensure it will work with their schedule. If this date will not work it is very important to let our company know immediately, this way we can find another carrier for a different date.

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         Step 6

After confirming the pickup date, its know time to prepare and get your vehicle/s ready for pickup. The first thing you should do is wash your vehicle, this way you can identify any damage or scratch on your vehicle. Take photos of your vehicle/s before the pickup for proof any existing damage or not. Be sure to remove valuable products from vehicle/s. Also remove or secure loose parts, you will also need to do a maintenance check before transport. This is important, ensure your gas tank is 1/4 full and no more. These are some of the main things to do when preparing your vehicle/s for transport but for more details visit a-z auto transport.

The car carrier driver  will  contact customer at least 2 hrs before pickup. Once the carrier arrive a car inspection report is done, this is  very important in the auto transport industry to certify the condition of the vehicle at pickup. Hence why it's important to wash and get your vehicle ready for shipping. Its important that you keep your copy of the bill of lading. The vehicle will be load onto the carrier and your vehicle is now officially in transit. 

Customer will have access to the driver's cell # this way they can call to ask questions or concerns while vehicle/s are  been  transported. There are times when customers may unable to get a hold of the driver while on the road, this can be the result of many different reasons such as rest stop, lunch break, rest room stop, unloading or uploading of other vehicles etc. If you don't get a hold of driver leave a message for a call back or try back later.

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       Step 7

The final process is when customer  receive their vehicle at its destination . The auto carrier driver will contact the customer or the person the customer appointed, about 2 hrs before  their arrival at delivery address. Once the vehicle/s are unload, another inspection will be done on the same bill of lading used at the pickup. If the carrier will reach when its dark ensure you have proper lighting to inspect your vehicle/s to make sure there are  no new damages. Once the inspection is approved the final payment is due to the driver in cash, money order or certified check .

   Step 8

Feedback is important so please leave a feedback based on your experience working with our company. Enter the company's name in google search " A-z Auto transport llc" then select the option to write a review.


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Written by Tashoy Salmon
November 03, 2016
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How to ship my car from Florida to New York?

After spending the winter in Florida snow birds are now ready to return up North, New York, Washington, Canada etc. Like any other product or services, when there is a demand the cost increases. In this case when the carriers are now moving the snow birds from Florida to New York and other States up North, the carrier will have a full load going North but may return empty as fewer people are moving South during this time. 

As a shipper, the most convenient method of transporting your vehicle from Florida to New York and again from New York to Florida, is to use the same carrier both ways and continue to do so over the years if this carrier provides quality service. Consistently using the same carrier creates loyalty and will eliminate many issues and stress related concerns of auto transport.   

You may choose to search the web for a good deal each time you decide to transport your vehicle and eventually get that good deal you were looking for, but how often will that be? Also do you always have the time and patience it takes to go through 10 or more quotes and websites that offer multiple quotes from multiple companies? While the cost of living continues to increase and you continue to age would you put your money before your health? I know the answer is NO, but very often people put money before their health not realizing what they are doing because they are sole focused on getting a good deal. 

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At A-z Auto transport we strive to give quality over quantity, yes we are not the cheapest in auto transport but we can assure you that when it comes to quality we are ranked above most of the biggest names in the auto shipping industry.  We are able to provide same day pickup, express delivery with specialized services customize to fit your needs. 

Updated July 8, 2017
By Damian Earle
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