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When planning to transport your vehicle/s it can be an intimidating process especially if you are shipping your classic or vintage vehicle/s for the first time.

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 If auto transporting is a new process for you it can also cause you to second guess yourself. You may even think it is safer and cheaper to driver your vehicle yourself, but remember the cost of gas as well as the road elements that your vehicle/s will be exposed to and how much hours do you really want to spend driving. As well as food and hotel accommodation if you should take a rest stop, specially when driving over 1000 miles.
Auto transport New York to Florida

The distance from NY to FL is at least 1100 miles so doing that around the wheel will be exhausting and boring meanwhile with the right auto transport company it can be a  fast,secure and painless process.

There are many auto transport companies around but not all of them offer the service or expertise that  we at a-z auto transport  offers. Our transport carriers are aware of all the different cars types and what kind of service each vehicle/s need in order to transport securely and safely. Because of our many years of experience we will be able to answer any  questions and concern you might have  about auto transport .

 We at a-z auto transport take the safety of our customers vehicle/s very seriously during transit, so customers can relax knowing their vehicle/s are securely transport across any distance. Florida is one of our most frequent spot on the East Coast , we therefore cover a lot of different points in the sunshine state. Below are a few route we cover :

New York, NY to Tallahassee FL

Syracuse, NY to Jacksonville FL

New York, NY to Miami FL

Buffalo , NY to Tampa FL

Albany NY to Orlando FL

Auto transport New York to Florida

The first step you will need to take when planning to transport your vehicle is to fill out a online quote form. Once you have enter your vehicle/s details and submit, we will receive your information and  one of our professional car shippers will  contact you with a quote, via telephone/ email. The quote will include different services such as enclosed transport, open transport or door to door and terminal to terminal visit a-z auto transport to learn the difference between each services.



Most customers will ask why they have to talk to a broker instead of a car carrier driver? Due to the high volume of automobiles being transported each day, it is difficult for customers to locate a carrier without a broker's help. An auto transport broker know exactly where the car carrier are and what routes they cover. Also a auto transport broker has access to hundreds of car carriers worldwide. Brokers also make sure car carriers has the proper authority and insurance before your vehicle/s are shipped.

One of the most common question asked by customers is "how much will it cost to shipped my  vehicle/s". The price for shipping your vehicle/s will depend on several factors, for ex shipping time frame, vehicle size, distance, gas price, operable or inoperable. visit a-z auto transport for more info on these factors among others  that will determine the overall cost to auto transport your vehicle.

After doing your research and  you choose a auto transport company to ship your vehicle/s, your selected broker will have paper work to filled out and signed. Once all has been taken care of a car carrier will be assigned to pick up vehicle/s and you will be given a pick up date. Then the next thing you will need o do is to prepare your vehicle/s for auto transport. visit a-z auto transport for how you prepare your vehicle before auto transport.

Inspections are very important in the auto transport industry so an appropriate method of inspection will take place when the car carrier arrive at pick up location . They will be doing a examination of the vehicle , this info is recorded on paper for customer to sign . When the vehicle/s reach the delivery location the same procedures is completed to ensure the vehicle is delivered in the same condition it was picked up in.

After the carrier pick up your vehicle, the broker will give you a date when you can expect your vehicle/s to be delivered . Also your broker will give you the car carrier cell# so you too can communicate with the carrier driver while your vehicle/s is in transit.

                    Auto Transport  FL to NY

When it comes to auto transporting  FL to NY  is a popular route for a-z auto transport . We have many customers who need to auto transport their vehicles from FL to NY for different reasons .

Customers need their vehicle/s shipped for reasons such has purchasing a new vehicle and need it shipped , relocating for new jobs , vacations, transporting a classic car to a car show etc. Some customers just relocate south for the winter ,we refer to them as snowbirds . 

They relocate just to get away from the cold winters in NY, they transport their vehicle/s to FL so they can avoid having to pay expensive car rental fees while staying there. We have repeat customers every year  during this season. Customers usually come to FL around the month of September or October. New York  residents normally  return back home around  April and May and we make sure their vehicle/s are auto transport back home as well.

Remember if you are planning to auto transport your vehicle/s from FL to NY / NY to FL  count on a-z auto transport , for a free quote and any other questions and concerns you might have about auto transport call us today at 516 923 0803 

 When it comes to shipping your vehicle/s take the time out to do all the researches you need to do in order to choose the best auto transport company because this is the only way you will have a peace of mind while your vehicle/s are been transported .

Written by Tashoy
Professional writer
October 25th, 2016

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